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About Us

Citcall develop misscall system to analise and enchance business performance while reachable to all people in Indonesia

Why Citcall.

Citcall are the first IT company in Indonesia that specialize in infrastructure of telecommunication with miss call as base system.

Our system been created to give the best solution for your marketing and system verification needs.

Why Misscall.

Our misscall system will help you to reach all Indonesian even to people with limited telecommunication network.

Indonesian has been familiar with misscall. Moreover, it is free for user and low cost for the company.

Citcall Integration.

Integration become easy with our API for verification in your web and apps. Dashboard for flexibility in marketing usage.

We will work together with you to create the best and most suitable system for your requirement.


Easy way to verify mobile phone for you and your user.

Verification with misscall will dramatically reduce your cost by eliminate sms or voice usage. Moreover, user in Indonesia already familiar with miss call which make it easy to use and FREE for your user. Miss call will be efficient, effective solution for you and your user.

some of the usage :
- Get valid number from user in your apps or webs
- Replace one time password send by sms or voice
benefit : no cost for user, lower cost for company

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Benchmark your marketing & promotional campaign performance will help you make more efficient & effective decision further.

Misscall system will give you data and feedback from your marketing & promotional campaign. It can be use for online & offline (conventional) marketing campaign, like Exhibition, Off-air Event, promotion in conventional media (TV, radio, billboard, brochure, etc).

Benefit misscall for your marketing:
- Very low cost to analyze your campaign
- Can be use in any size of campaign
- Customable base on your need

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MissCall system for mobile verification & marketing analytics


Integration to Apps & Web use API


Scale the system based on your needs


Free for user & very low cost to company


able to adapt base on your needs


Design your campaign with our dashboard

Easy Setup

API for system & dashboard for marketing

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