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We have the solution for your verifications system needs. Whether you use One Time Password, 2-Factor Authentication, or others, our Miscall system makes it simple, easy, and scalable.

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Comparing our Miscall system with others, our system is way safer, more user-friendly, cost-efficient, and very reliable.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citcall?
PT Citcall Teknologi Indonesia known as Citcall are the pioneer of misscall based system for OTP & Notification in Indonesia. Citcall was started in 2016 and until now Citcall has providing solution for technology companies across Indonesia.
What is Misscall Based System?
Misscall based system has been known worldwide with more than 3bn Users around the world. The system method are using misscall to users as a medium or trigger for delvering information.
How does misscall OTP work?
When user requests for an OTP Code to the apps (Citcall’s client), client would request a call and token to us by our system. We would process the request and generate the token and we’d call the user while we’d also wait for the response of request token and call status. Once user get their OTP code (token), they’d insert it and client would validate the token.
What is Citcall’s coverage? Can this be used on a global scale?
We start and grow in Indonesia. But currently we already able to send misscall OTP worldwide.
Benefit Misscall OTP?
Misscall Based System have many benefits to your company. Since the system using misscall to send an OTP, it cheaper and more efficient than SMS OTP. You can track if it was sent or failed, and more secure than other method cause it’s direct to users mobile phone number.
Our Misscall OTP will be charged based on success delivery not by sending request. It will give our partner a fair service in financial area.
What Citcall Provide?
Citcall provide OTP Service, with misscall to delivers the OTP code as a caller id. Our other services including Citcall Trigger which combining misscall based system with SMS Notification & campaign.
Why Citcall?
We have new innovation to help deliver OTP, and also provide low cost and efficient service to our partner. We are ready to help you any time.
Our miscall system has a unique security/ It help you secure your business from any scam made with simbox tools. They will fail to verify scam number since it will not be able to received a call.
How Big the Success Rate of Misscall OTP?
Citcall success rate are 95.5% and expected to increase with our latest development of auto retry button feature.
How long is duration of misscall?
Approximately 3 - 5 seconds, duration are based on provider, living area also network signal.
How Private is Citcall Service?
Citcall service is very private, we used our very own-built system to deliver service to our client’s. Citcall is committed with all aspect of our client’s privacy. Non Disclosure Agreement will be provided.
Why not using other OTP method like, Facebook Account Kit?
By using Citcall you will be treated as a partner, Citcall commited to keep our partner’s privacy to stay private. We will not give your user’s information and phone number to third party.
How the get the account?
For free trial & account registration, you can contact and whatsapp us here.
You only need to provide the email & phone number of the PIC to get the account.
How to Integrate?
We use API / Widget / APK to integrate our service. Citcall team will send you the link with trial account to try our reliable services. Documentation can be see at
Why I get Rc:98 status when I try to integrate?
The most common case is you haven’t whitelisted your IP address in our dashboard. Please go to dashboard and register your all of your IP in the setting.
What is the gateway in the Citcall document?
We use different method in each gateway to deliver the misscall OTP to your client.

For best use case use gateway 0 for the initial method, if it fail then use gateway 1 for retry, and gateway 2 for second retry.

for third time, we suggest to give pop notification to inform user that they have no reception and move to other place to get a better signal.
How many retry should we give to user?
2 times is a good number for retry, because to prevent abuse. After 3 times, it is suggested to give notification to get a better signal as usually the user do not get good signal in their location.
How Secure it is?
System automatically dial direct to your user’s phone number and they have to put four to six digit from the last miscall number.
What is Concurrent?
Possibilities OTP request per second / minute / hour at the same time. That’s why the most important thing to us is not the monthly traffic but the misscall OTP.
What is SLA?
SLA is abreviation for Service Level Agreement. It contains any sepcific timing considering specific matters that will be handle by Citcall from reacting to solving the client’s problem and needs.
Can citcall successfully delivery the misscall OTP 100%?
No provider can guarantee 100% delivery due to many factor of delivery need to be consider. for example, in area with no signal nothing can be done to deliver the code.
however, citcall have 95% detection status rate which mean we can detect 95% accurate if the user receive the code.
If citcall have 95% detection status, then what should i do to minimize the 5%?
Our client usually give retry button 10 seconds if the user did not input the OTP. They can give 10 seconds delay only compare to 2 minutes retry option with SMS, because we can detect it in the delivery status.
Why I get fail status in the callback misscall OTP?
It because we successfully detect that the user cannot receive the OTP. we suggest to give retry again. but if it still happen once more time, then we suggest to give pop up to the user to move to get a better signal.

note : most of our user that request OTP may not know if they are in the blind spot area and blame the apps if they did not get the OTP
What is the different Synchronous or Asynchronous?
Asynchronous is when client server did not maintain simultaneous connection with citcall server. So for misscall OTP, the code will be give in the first API feedback and the delivery status will be given later through client url callback. Benefit : will give lower load to the server.

Synchronous is when client server need to be connected simultaneously in the real time. Benefit : it will give real time delivery result.
Why in need to register URL callback?
URL callback is a method to get status delivery from Asynchronous method. It will give you better reliability.
How to register URL Callback for asynchronous system?
Currently we register it manually from our system. To register please contact your citcall pic or
How to access the dashboard?
The dashboard can be access in . For account registration please contact your citcall pic or
Can I have a personal ID prefix number instead of 3040 or 5080?
Currently it’s not possible, because our system is designed to send a random number with concurrent. For security reason, Citcall can not providing personal ID number.
How much it cost?
We started our price from 165 rupiah per success miscall and it negotiable for larger quantity.
How do I Pay for Top Up Balance?
We use deposit system and you can top up via Bank transfer and our team will add credit into your account within ten minutes.
Do Citcall have minimum amount for deposit?
We do not have minimum amount, so you can deposit according to your needs.
When do I get charged?
We only charged only for the OTP that we detect successfully delivered (not per request as per sms model)

As we use Pay as you go model, so we only charge everytime we deliver an OTP for you.
How do I Get Invoice?
We will send you invoice by request with duration max of 3 working days after payment.
Can I Charge User for OTP?
You can’t directly charge user for OTP, but you can charging your user with your own method or system.
Do you have reminder when the deposit low?
Yes, we have reminder when the deposit below threshold that you can set yourself in the dashboard.
Do I Need to Have Deposit or Can I Pay Later?
For now, Citcall only use deposit method. As you make deposit, inform us and we will add your balance immediately.
What is the best use UI UX for OTP?
We already provide best practice that been used by our existing client in
Does User Will be Aware of Misscall OTP?
Most of our use case is user can succesfully input OTP from Misscall Number at first try. The key is to following our guidelines for best result. Because UI UX for sms or call OTP will make user confuse.
Is misscall OTP intrusive?
OTP is a token that expected to be get by user when they go verification. And when the web or apps said it will send OTP, the user wait for it.

The annoying part is when the OTP did not receive by user. That’s where we come to help you.
How About Usage in Apps?
We do have library code on to make it easier for user to integrate.
Do we need to show country code?
You can use dropdown button for country code when there’s foreign customer so that there won’t be any mistake in the system but it is optional. We suggest you to systematically eliminate number 0 or country code to minimalize users’ put the wrong number and double prefix.
Is there any auto read option?
Citcall OTP can be used by auto read for a better UX by changing the number in call log. Auto read can only be used in Android’s system.
Is there an auto retry button?
For auto retry, clients can add the auto retry system because Citcall’s system can detect when user “fail” in receiving code. We suggest max 2 times only for retry and give notif as.
Why there’s numbers before the last four or six (xxxx) OTP code?
Prefix are the first number that miscall the user so that you know that user will understand the miscall OTP.

from UI/UX view, it help user to know understand, more on
After trying to miscall, why there’s a pop-up notification says that my network is busy or unreachable?
That is because your phone is busy (you’re on another call) or there’s no signal in your area.
What happens when user picked up the call?
Our system will automatically terminate the call, and any expense occur will be Citcall liability.
What if misscall not arrive? What can be the problem?
There can be various reason, which we will be glad to assist you. But the most common status is when users do not enter their number correctly. Sometimes, users do not know whether where they’re at when they request for OTP code has a good signal or not or users’ phone might not working at that time. It suggested that you give notification to get better signal if you get fail status from us.
Can I set Misscall as a fallback?
Yes, you can set Misscall as fallback in case SMS OTP is failed. Although we suggest to put the more reliable system as the first method.
Can I Send Misscall OTP Manually from Our System?
No you can’t.
Misscall system are artificially unique, Citcall is the first tech company in Indonesia that develop the system. We would like to keep our system privately as well as to keep your security more secure.
Can I Verify Manually if The System Failed?
Yes you can verify user manually in case the system failed. But we are not recommend such action, since it is confidential and will breach your own security. The concept of OTP itself is to verify user in real time.


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